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Ryan Yeong So committed his life to caring for everyone around him.


This is best reflected in the love he had for his #1 priority, his family.  He’d always make time to make sure that he was involved in his kid's lives, often coming to watch them train after working long days. He’d carve out time on the weekends to come in and drill with his kids, leading by example while having so much joy sharing the mats with them. He was a proud dad and loving husband. To the entire So family - our hearts are with you. Sending you strength and love.


He was committed to community, serving in the Scottsdale police department. Through his career, he’s touched so many lives, and loved what he did. Prior to his time in PD, he served in the U.S. Navy. We are forever grateful for his contributions to servant leadership. To his friends and fellow officers, sending our thoughts and love. Please be safe, we appreciate the contributions and sacrifices you make every day.


He was committed to his friends and teammates. He was the guy that would pick up the phone or hit you back right away if you sent him a message. He always had a way of weaving positivity in everything he did, and looked to elevate the people around him through kindness. He loved jiu-jitsu and was on the mats or in the gym whenever he had free time. We’ll miss your presence in the gym, your thoughtful questions and insight, and your love for training!


I whole heartedly believe that people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes, someone special comes along and helps shape the way you think. For us Ryan is one of those special people. He cared, deeply about the things that were most important. Family, Friends, and community. Ryan, thank you for being a special part of so many people’s lives and a big part of ours! We love, and will miss ya!


Ryan's birth name was Yeong-Ung which translates directly to 'Hero'. Throughout his life, he lived up to this title, seeking out every opportunity to

enrich and elevate everyone who he came in contact with. This is best reflected in the countless stories that are shared about the positive impact that Ryan has had. His lasting legacy is carried on by the many people who's lives he touched.


His story reminds us that every one of us are born a hero. From the day we take our first breath, we are provided a gift and an opportunity to influence change through servant leadership. As friends, family, and colleagues - we are now blessed with the opportunity to carry on Ryan's legacy, amplifying his message of caring and commitment to others. 

The logo symbolizes Ryan and serves as a reminder that we are all born a hero. It has his name (Yeong-Ung | Hero). The light radiates off of his name, similar to the radiating positivity and light that Ryan shared every day. The light touches the cross,  showing Ryan's commitment to  faith, while also serving as a reminder that Ryan's spirit is with us and serves as a guiding light.  The three stars symbolize Ryan's commitment to faith, family, and community. They also represent his three daughters. The entire logo is shaped like a badge, paying homage to his time in law enforcement.


Each of us were born a hero, and have the potential to touch many lives. We are blessed to have Ryan who showed us what is possible. 

"If I have seen further, it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants".

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