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Und1sputed Fitness and Training Center

Whether you are a college student, 55 year old parent, inexperienced competitor, or top mixed martial artist, we offer a unique training experience, combining the world of mixed martial arts with physical fitness. Click for more Information....

Und1sputed Fitness and Training Center

A great coach never tires of teaching to his students. A great student never stops listening and learning.
Every day is a new revolution - start fresh, change a habit, learn something new.

Led by 2nd Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt David Reilly, our gi jiu jitsu instruction is second to none. We firmly believe in perfect technique at Undisputed, and all of our classes provide a physical fitness foundation with great technical instruction

From beginners to professional fighters and competitors, our no-gi jiu jitsu instruction welcomes students of all skill-levels to grow in their training. At Undisputed, we emphasize drilling for technique, matched with open rolling to put the techniques into practice

Our boxing workouts provide great cardio and strength training with jumping rope, bag work, medicine ball drills, and abdominal exercises. We teach classical boxing skills and training techniques, focused on footwork, combinations, timing, and conditioning.

Our kickboxing training involves high-intensity body weight and plyometric exercises, designed for improved conditioning, explosiveness, agility, and flexibility. Instruction focuses on combos of punches, kicks, knees, and elbows.

Class designed for members of all ages and skill levels showing the Basic Fundamentals of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. This class is a combination of Cardio, Strength Training, and basic drills to simulate
an MMA match.

We have trainers who work with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes. We tailor each workout depending on an individual’s needs and goals and offer flexible scheduling all throughout the week.

Avoiding an attack and being ready to remain safe is a preparatory and preventative skill one can train for. If you are a business or organization looking to provide the foundation, awareness, and initiation into training for self-defense for your employees or members, we host and run programs and seminars on location.

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